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Special construction steel” industrial cluster project was put into operation

समय: 2021-01-12 हिट्स: 76

On December 12, the major project of transforming old and new kinetic energy in Shandong Province-Shiheng Special Steel “special construction steel” industrial cluster project was put into operation, 55 days earlier than expected. The project investment exceeds 15 billion yuan, which will promote the transformation of Shandong’s steel industry to green and smart.
The project covers 8 main production lines. After it is officially put into operation, it will have an annual production capacity of 4.65 million tons and an additional sales income of 20 billion yuan, making it one of the four major steel industry clusters in Shandong Province. Under the situation of overall reduction of steel production capacity, Shandong adjusted the production capacity of Shiheng Special Steel from 2.55 million tons to 4.65 million tons, which is equivalent to creating another “Shiheng Special Steel”.
Wang Changsheng, deputy chief technical engineer of Tai’an Shiheng Special Steel, said: “(Originally) one billet can only be rolled out of one of these lines. This time one billet can roll out 5 steel lines at the same time, and the two production lines have reached (annual output) 400 10,000 tons, which is twice the efficiency of the original line, and the number of people used is still the same.”
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In order to make room for new projects, the company has successively shut down more than 10 outdated production lines and cut production capacity by more than 2 million tons. The environmental protection indicators of the new project have been greatly improved, and the dust emission has been reduced from 10 mg per cubic meter prescribed by the state to less than 5 mg. In order to make full use of waste, the local plan for a steel and chemical co-production project. Currently, the park has gathered more than 20 large and medium-sized enterprises in the downstream chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and composite materials of special steel.

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